Xidigtel Mobile Airtime

Xidigtel’s Mobile Airtime platform provides a compelling solution to customers and enables them to send airtime home to family and friends to every corner of the globe.

International Mobile Airtime

As simple as an SMS, International Mobile Airtime complements Money Transfer

International Mobile Airtime

A Low Cost – High Value Personal Gift to anyone

Simplest, cheapest, and most convenient way to send less than $20

$10 gives 2 months of airtime.

Xidigtel Mobile Money

Xidigtel’s mobile money service provides a dedicated solution for Financial Institutions and Mobile Operators to connect to millions of Mobile Money accounts worldwide. Xidigtel is regulated by the FCA (UK), and fully compliant with US and EU regulations.

What does our solution offer?

  • Real time transactions everywhere including the most remote locations
  • Convenient for sending money to several recipients
  • Highly secure and safe
  • Over 80 currencies available

Mobile Banking and Payment Services on the Phone

Mobile Money services offer convenience, accessibility and security to consumers.

Unique solution for small value, funds arrive in few seconds.

International Mobile Money – Typical integration

With a single keystroke, Xidigtel’s Mobile Money enables a direct real-time money transfer to a mobile phone, anywhere in the world.

Sender Provides Mobile Money Account phone number and KYC info, Recipient Uses funds securely from their Mobile

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